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E-Learning & Certification of university accounting


AccountingTraining & Certificate Of universities: Higher education institutions and universities play an important role in the development of a country’s culture and destiny. They use community resources and also provide services. The continuation of such a relationship and the satisfaction of both parties requires that the communication and accountability of these institutions to the society be transparent. For this purpose, complete, correct and transparent reporting of universities and higher education institutions is necessary. Based on this, universities and institutions of higher education should seek complete criteria and comprehensive standards to provide complete, comprehensive and transparent reporting based on them. Accounting, process analysis costs and business operations for The preparation of internal financial reports, records and accounts is to help the decision-making process of managers in achieving the goals of the organization. In other words, this is the act of understanding financial and cost data and converting that data into useful information for the management of an organization. In relation to the accounting profession, it should be said that it is considered a sensitive job, because there are calculations related to businesses and if there is a mistake in the numbers, it can cause more problems. In this course, we will discuss many accounting concepts of universities.  

Course Headings E-Learning & Certification university accounting:

accounting and theoretical concepts of financial reporting Basic financial statements and explanatory notes, income recognition, inventory accounting, tangible fixed assets and intangible assets, investment in securities, long-term debts – bonds (partnerships), joint-stock companies, lease accounting, limited liability companies, branch accounting and currency exchange, reporting according to parts-interim reporting, accounting, price change, consolidated financial statements, accounting and government financial control   Who is the university accounting E-Learning & Certification course useful for? Anyone who wants to understand accounting tools and techniques. Anyone who wants to improve their management and accounting knowledge.  


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