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E-Learning & Certification of resistance economy


E-Learning & Certification of resistance economy, with the advent of the Islamic revolution, a new form of government emerged in the world, which was not compatible with the power pole of arrogance and started to fight against arrogance. The emergence of such a government in the Middle East region, which is very important from the economic and geopolitical point of view, caused the global arrogance system to fight the revolution with all its might. In recent years, with the intensification of the unilateral and inhumane sanctions of the West against the Islamic Republic of Iran with the aim of stopping Iran’s peaceful nuclear programs, the new word “resistance economy” was added to the economic literature of the country and in accordance with the current economic situation. Our country has been discussed.

Summary of this course:

This term was first mentioned in the meeting of entrepreneurs with the Supreme Leader in September 2009. In this meeting, the supreme leader of the revolution introduced “resistance economy” as a meaning and concept of entrepreneurship and for the basic need of the country to Entrepreneurship also introduced two reasons: “enemies’ economic pressure” and “the country’s readiness for a leap”. For the concept of resistance economy in the same period of time Few, different definitions have been presented, each of which has looked at this issue from a different aspect. In the meantime, the comprehensive and complete definition of the resistance economy has been presented by the leader of the Revolution, Farzaneh. In the meeting with the students, he said: “Resistance economy means that economy which can determine the growth and prosperity of the country in the conditions of pressure, in the conditions of sanctions, in the conditions of severe hostilities and hostilities.” By announcing the general policies of “Resistance Economy”, the Supreme Leader emphasized that the resistance economy will be able to objectify an inspiring model of the Islamic economic system and provide the right context and opportunity for people and economic activists to play a role in the realization of the economic saga. The training course on resistance economy, which includes the wise statements of the supreme leader and experts about resistance economy, is presented to students.

Course chapters virtual learning resistance economy:

+ History of resistance economy theory + The nature of resistance economy + The necessity of resistance economy system + Methodology Resistance Economy + Introduction of the methodology of the course + Introduction of the three theoretical foundations + Introducing the exclusive content of the resistance economy system + Familiarity with the flow of conventional economy + History of the main currents of conventional economics + . Economic knowledge before the Renaissance + Economic knowledge after the Renaissance + Heterodox and alternative schools + Division Classification of knowledge and philosophy of conventional economics + Classification of knowledge in conventional economics + Methodology And Lesfah of conventional economics + The place of values in conventional economics + The universality of conventional economic ideas

Prerequisites of the resistance economy E-Learning & Certification course:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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