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E-Learning & Certification of management of cultural organizations


E-Learning & Certification of management of cultural organizations, has been created to fully familiarize people with the management of cultural organizations. The culture of an organization in values, policies, attitudes, structures and His beliefs is evident. It is a tangible asset that affects company morale and performance and can be nurtured and changed. The culture of a society consists of thoughts, ideas, aspirations, skills, ethics, tools and devices, things related to beauty and works of art, customs and institutions among which the people of this society are born and grow. The existing organizations in the society, in addition to performing their classic tasks, which are part of the realization of the organization’s goals. They are also required to perform other activities, which are called cultural responsibility.

Definition of culture in society:

The culture of a society illuminates the soul of that society, and cultural activities are the phenomena and behaviors that the soul manifests. The culture of any society shapes the identity and existence of that society. And with the deviation of the culture, even if the society is powerful in economic, political, industrial and military dimensions, it will become mediocre. Whenever a society has a cultural dependence or a tendency towards the opposite culture, inevitably, other dimensions of that society also tend to the opposite side. And finally, it is depreciated and loses its existence in all dimensions. Because the independence and existence of any institution, group and society originates from the independence of its culture and it is naive to think that independence in other dimensions or one of them is possible with cultural dependence.

What field is this course suitable for:

  • Management

Course prerequisites E-Learning & Certification management of cultural organizations:

[list_negative] This course forward There is no special requirement and the course is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]
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