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E-Learning & Certification on making mobile games with gamesalad


E-Learning & Certification of making a mobile phone game with gamesalad: To make a game, you must have a lot of coding skills in the languages used in game making. But if you are interested in making games and don’t have the patience to write code, you should go for special software that provide a platform for making games without coding. Of course, if you want to work professionally in this field, you should definitely learn coding. Fortunately, today there are many tools for making games that save you from having to learn programming exempt. These tools have a simple user interface with which you can add different elements to the game by dragging and dropping. There are also other features such as an event recording system, a graphics editor, defining different behaviors for game elements, a high-level editor, and special effects. which these tools offer you and thus they are tools that facilitate game development and save time and energy. Kids are naturally excited about building, whether it’s a building or a rocket. Programming can be just as fun. And the skills kids learn by coding can help them feel successful at work. While to them in the digital world starts at high speed.

More Details

This course is designed to help parents and educators introduce programming concepts to children of all ages, from middle school to high school. David Gassner begins by describing different learning styles (auditory, kinesthetic, or visual). He then introduces mobile device programs for young programmers. These programs allow them to animate graphics using simple block-based programming. For older kids, he teaches software like Scratch for advanced animation, MIT App Inventor for Android programming, and tools that teach core languages like JavaScript and Java. The last chapter covers how kids can work with robots and other hardware like the Raspberry Pi. This chapter shows how programming works in the real world.  

What you will learn in the mobile game making E-Learning & Certification with gamesalad:

+ Understanding your child’s learning style + Graphic programming on iPads and computers + Making things move + Learning about algorithms + Programming animations, apps and games + Learning JavaScript and other major languages + Programming virtual and real robots + Programming hardware: Arduino and Raspberry Pi  

Prerequisites for the E-Learning & Certification course on making mobile games with gamesalad:

+ This course requires special prerequisites Chet training .


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