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E-Learning & Certification on making computer games with FPS


E-Learning & Certification on making computer games with FPS: FPS is abbreviated Frame Per Second is The literal translation of fps means frames per second, which also means viewing how many frames per second. As we know, in recent decades, computer games have increased and with the expansion of the desire for computer games, the need to perform some graphic settings has also increased. fps can help a lot in this field. By using these settings, you can change the graphic settings of the game according to people’s taste. The important thing is that while using fps, many points must be observed in order not to get into trouble. Because if you don’t have complete information, changing the settings of the graphics card or the game will cause many problems in the process of running the game. The games consist of a series of pictures. These images are placed one after the other at a high speed. The human brain is designed in such a way that if it sees up to 13 consecutive pictures in one second, it recognizes them as a continuous film. The related settings are called fps. In fact, the higher the fps, the smoother the images will be and we will see a smoother video, and the lower the fps, the more details of the image will be seen. And the smoothness of the film will decrease, and in the same way, we will see the jump of the image. If the number of images that pass in front of our eyes per second is less than 13, the human will notice the details of the images. And don’t see them together anymore. In fact, the higher the fps, the higher the quality of the game.

More details

How many fps should be in the game to be able to run a good game is a matter of great disagreement. Because the quality of playing the game depends on the type of game. For example, if a game has a low speed, we need less fps for smooth execution. But if it’s a fast-paced war game, we have to use a higher fps in order not to have image jumps and to have a better performance. In order to play a good game, the number of fps should be above 30. For slower games and for higher speed games, we consider 60 as an average. In this case, we can expect a good performance of the game and observe the quality of the performance.

What you will learn in the E-Learning & Certification of creating computer games with FPS:

+ C#, a modern versatile programming language learning you see. + Learn 3D development capabilities in Unity. + You develop strong and transferable problem-solving skills. + You get a proper understanding of the game development process. + Learn how to do object oriented programming  

Course E-Learning & Certification on making computer games with FPS is suitable for whom:

+ people who want to play Create and publish your own. + Complete beginners interested in learning game development. + Developers who want to reskill in game development. + People who are interested in working in the game industry. + Using a competent and reliable computer. + Anyone who wants to make games.   Prerequisites for the E-Learning & Certification course on creating computer games with FPS: + Mac or PC capable of running Unity 3D + Copy of Unity 2019.3 or later


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