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E-Learning & Certification on ISO 16817 building environmental design topics


E-Learning & Certification on ISO 16817 building environmental design topics: ISO 16817 is an integrated design process for quality interior visual environments. which includes engineering and architectural aspects of natural and artificial light, to ensure customer satisfaction, health and efficiency along with energy consumption and sustainability of buildings. Standard ISO 16817 was prepared by the Technical Committee ISO/TC 205 – Building Environmental Design. ISO/TC 205 provides general rules for the design of the interior of the building. These rules are described in ISO 16813 and provide assurance to those involved in the interior design process that their products and services meet consumer needs. This international standard provides a design process for design team members in the internal visual environment. To ensure the necessary visual comfort, psychological effects of light, energy consumption performance and sustainability of buildings. Visual comfort is more than providing an environment with appropriate lighting. For example, a window has two uses: facilitating the entry of natural light and providing a view. The ISO consultant in the ISO 16817:2012 standard helps organizations to examine all the principles of integrated design for high-quality building interior decoration. and check the stability and design of the building with a comprehensive system. In this standard, the building is checked in terms of artificial lighting, and if there are any problems with the building, it will be solved correctly.  

Course Titles E-Learning & Certification Topics of ISO 16817 building environmental design:

+ various parameters and criteria affecting the quality of the internal visual environment

+ category of stability and stability in work

+ Evaluation of the design team (architects and engineers) and clients, contractors, government officials and professionals. in applying an effective design process that responds to consumer needs


Prerequisites of this course:

+ This course does not require special prerequisites and teaches from the basics will be  


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