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E-Learning & Certification on ISO 11037 product color measurement topics


E-Learning & Certification on ISO 11037 product color measurement topics is used as a guide to compare and measure the color of products and evaluate their sensory color in the food, cosmetic, sanitary and textile industries. Because sometimes there may be differences of opinion among people regarding the color recognition of the product. For example, recognizing the color of a product at the end of the production process is purple from a personal point of view. From the eyes of another person in the same factory, it may be purple. This disagreement can be due to the type of lighting sources or the amount of light in the production space. And even people’s personal ideas and beliefs about that color. As a result, it causes problems in identifying the color of the product. By implementing the ISO 11037 standard, the complexity of recognizing similar colors in the product can be reduced. As a result, it improves the quality product and even determine the shelf life of the product. It should be noted that when comparing products, in the sensory analysis of the color of the product, all the five senses are examined. One of the basic and at the same time the most basic factors for working with colored materials and solutions is color measurement. Examining color solutions and colorimetry is a problem that is not only related to dye and textile industries, and many other industries also deal with it depending on the type of activity and product.

List of headings E-Learning & Certification ISO 11037 product color measurement topics:

+ Introduction to ISO 11037 + Colorology + Paint chemistry and technology + Fundamentals of paint and coating inspection + Muhtedesi standard for paints

Prerequisites ISO 11037 product color measurement topics:

This course does not require special prerequisites and the course is taught from the basics.


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