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Training & Certificate Of internal purchasing manager


E-Learning & Certification of internal purchasing manager: Planning internal purchasing of goods and services is one of the main concerns of large and leading organizations. Avoiding the accumulation and lack of timely supply of goods and services, obtaining the most appropriate purchasing sources and holding tenders and price inquiries are the main needs of all organizations, especially commercial and manufacturing companies. In addition to covering all purchase strategies and maintaining integrity, Sadrafazar’s internal procurement system provides users with the possibility of tracking each purchase request from the point of registration to the delivery of goods to the warehouse. He is responsible for internal purchasing (industries) in the field of financial and commercial-accounting affairs and has competencies such as reviewing, amending and finalizing contracts, monitoring purchases and quality control, delivering goods to the warehouse, and responding to purchase discrepancies. This job is related to the accountant and purchasing officer working in private and public companies and institutions.

Course Titles E-Learning & Certification Responsible for internal purchasing:

+ Examining and planning the current system of the company/institution for purchasing goods and services and types of purchases

+ Checking purchase orders and pre-invoices and choosing the most suitable goods/services

+ Analysis and determination of purchasing sources

+ Analysis of shipping documents of purchased goods

+ Purchase of needed goods and units

Features of the training course for internal purchasing manager:

  1. Issuance of a document requesting the purchase of goods and services based on the request for goods from the warehouse
  2. Grouping of suppliers of goods and the goods themselves in the tree-based procurement software
  3. Issuance of a document in the procurement software for the purchase order of goods and services based on the request for the purchase of goods
  4. Determining the type of purchase In the procurement software based on receiving inquiries, holding tenders and partial purchases
  5. Issuing the proforma invoice document for the purchase of goods and services based on the purchase order of goods and services in the procurement software
  6. Process definition location In the procurement software for purchasing and procurement procedures and the ability to track purchase operations
  7. Issuance of purchase and return invoice documents from the purchase of goods and services based on the proforma invoice for the purchase of goods and services in the procurement software
  8. Partition of purchasing agents in the software Provisions including shipping costs, discounts, duties, etc. on individual goods and services from the purchase invoice document

Prerequisites of this course:

+ This course teaches the basics It can be done and does not require special prerequisites.  


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