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Training & Certificate Of greenhouse management


E-Learning & Certification of greenhouse management, a greenhouse is a means to change the environment around plants and improve growth conditions. Greenhouses can be used in several cases. Some greenhouses are used for year-round operations, while some are built only for growing plants in spring and autumn. In some weather conditions, a greenhouse is needed to grow some plants in the summer (such as tomatoes), which cannot be cultivated outside. The cost of building a greenhouse generally depends on its size and covering material. Building a greenhouse with a glass cover and a metal frame is usually the most expensive. Other coatings such as fiberglass, acrylic and polycarbonate have a moderate cost. Polyethylene coating with wooden frame has the lowest cost. Heating and ventilation equipment also have a cost according to the greenhouse building and its size.

Summary of this course:

A greenhouse is a framework or skeleton with a transparent covering that is permeable to light, in which the main factors of production (light, temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide) and effective inputs are controlled. Plant growth and development, the possibility of optimal production of various products Agriculture and horticulture are provided and the plant can be protected against the damage of adverse factors.

Educational Greenhouse:

It is a greenhouse equipped with all cooling, heating, irrigation and environmental factor control equipments, which has a high traffic space for training the cultivation and operation of greenhouse products in all seasons of the year.

Research greenhouse:

It is a greenhouse with a precise control system of environmental parameters and control of pests and diseases, where it is possible to record (record) information inside the greenhouse. Inside this greenhouse, chambers or smaller greenhouses have been provided to perform several experiments at the same time.

Recreational greenhouse:

These types of greenhouses are created with various shapes and using different types of covers in small dimensions for entertainment or production.

Course headings virtual learning greenhouse management:

+ Greenhouse construction + Implementation instructions in greenhouses + Temperature and Heating in the greenhouse + Principles of planting in the treasury + Fighting diseases and pests + Cultivation of cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, strawberries + Biological control of crops

Prerequisites of the course Greenhouse management training:

This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics.


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