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Training & Certificate Of general technician of computer networks


E-Learning & Certification of general technician of computer networks, is one of the jobs in the field of information technology. One of the merits of this job is to review and work with the basic principles of computer networks (+Network), designing and implementing routing and switching. Design and implementation of tunneling and related services, design, implementation and Maintenance He named wireless networks, virtualization in computer networks, setting up networks (Work Group), designing and implementing security and documenting computer networks. This job is related to all system, network, security analyst jobs, web programmers and network and database managers. Summary of this course: Every computer program that is designed and implemented to run in the network environment should pay special attention to the security category. Web applications use network infrastructure (intranet) to provide their services to users. And it is necessary to control how users can access this type of programs and according to the existing policies, the possibility of access should be provided. First, network users should be identified. And after confirming their identity, the possibility of accessing the program should be provided according to the defined permissions. NET.ASP is Microsoft’s platform for designing and implementing web applications. which uses three main methods to identify network users and grant the necessary permissions to access and use a web application. : + Windows Authentication + Forms Authentication + Authentication Passport

Course Headings E-Learning & Certification general computer network technician :

+ Design and implementation of computer networks + Security in computer networks + Computer Networks Laboratory

Prerequisites of the training course General Technician of Computer Networks :

This course does not require special prerequisites. And it is taught from the ground up.


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