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English E-Learning & Certification for email


E-Learning & Certification of English for e-mail shows you the secrets of writing powerful e-mails. Emails that your colleagues read and respond to. In this short course, Judy Steiner-Williams, author and business writing professor, shows you how to write emails for greater impact. Learn how to create a compelling email opening, how to message the right people at the right time, and how to use email etiquette as a communication tool. Considering that in our country e-mail has not found its place properly among people and daily work, but in many advanced countries it has a very important place and many correspondences are done in this way. So if you want has very strong relations with people abroad Be sure to know how to write a good and formal English email. Usually, students are more connected with this challenge to communicate with professors abroad. But other people will also need to write English emails according to their field of work.   virtual English training course for e-mailWhat topics are included? Determining the right recipients of each e-mail Set a specific goal for the e-mail. Determine who the audience of an email is and write them accordingly. Apply different rules and techniques to create a strong message. Assess the need for CC and BCC and select recipients thoughtfully. Follow the rules of etiquette for sending emails. The right way to send an attachment   Prerequisites of this course: The English course for email does not require special prerequisites, and the course is based on training is given.
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