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Training & Certificate Of banking users


E-Learning & Certification of banking users, is made to familiarize with the tasks of banking users. The user of banking affairs is a job in the field of commercial finance group services and includes the skills of implementing the principles and concepts of banking, implementing the legal principles governing transactions, implementing the principles and concepts of accounting and basic financial statements in the bank, recording operations of all types of checks, promissory notes And the bill, the opening of blocking and the calculation of interest on deposits, registration Giving facilities , carrying out delivery work in the fund, communicating effectively with customers.

Tasks of the banking user:

+ Providing information about how to open different types of accounts and the benefits of each of them to customers + opening an account and issuing a bank card and registering relevant information in the system according to the regulations + delivering the requested forms to customers and providing Necessary explanations + Checking the documents of customers and matching the originals of identification documents such as birth certificates and national cards + Carrying out matters related to the loss of customers’ cards, such as obtaining a written commitment and matching the authenticity of the signature with the relevant records + Carrying out matters related to canceling deposits and controlling related matters + Doing things related to issuing checkbooks and paying checks and paying bills and… + Providing deposit slips and Documents issued to the head of the branch and documents archive

Course headings list E-Learning & Certification banking user:

+ Domestic Banking + Islamic Banking + Knowledge of Banking Sciences + Money and currency banking + Electronic banking + Principles of Accounting

Banking User Course is useful for the following fields:

+ Commercial + Management of banking affairs

Prerequisites of the banking affairs user training course:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]
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