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Training & Certificate Of an expert in the assessment of personal insurance


E-Learning & Certification of an expert in the assessment of personal insurances, is someone who can conclude contracts for all types of life insurance, all types of accident insurance, health insurance for travelers going abroad, using computers, implementing regulations and bylaws. job and communicating with relevant systems. The insurance expert is considered as the main representative of the insurance company and provides insurance services in accordance with the relevant regulations and conditions. He evaluates the requests and conditions of insurance applicants and determines the amount of insurance coverage and their premiums. In today’s world, insurance is one of the main pillars of life and economy of countries. Especially in developed countries, people use different types of insurance. In our country, in recent years, some new types of insurance such as life insurance and car body insurance, along with previous insurances such as health insurance and third-party car insurance, have attracted people’s attention. In the definition of insurance, it can be said that insurance is a contract whereby one party (the insurer) undertakes to compensate the damage caused to him in exchange for the payment of funds from the other party (the insured) in the event of an accident. or pay a certain amount. The obligee is called the insurer, the party to the obligation is called the insured, and the amount that the insured pays to the insurer is called the insurance premium, and what is insured is called the subject of insurance. In fact, an insurance expert or insurer is the main interface between insurance companies and insurance agents or insurance brokers. With the help of existing insurance software, he evaluates the conditions of the applicant, which are usually provided by insurance brokers, and decides on the amount of insurance coverage and his insurance premium. If necessary, it uses other information, including medical documents and the applicant’s credit rating, to make the right decision.

Sample duties of an insurance assessment expert:

+ The ability to recognize the effective factors of the work environment + The ability to determine the insurance of individuals + The ability to conclude a life insurance contract with a customer + The ability to conclude Accident insurance contract with customer + Ability to conclude health insurance contract with customer + Ability to conclude insurance contract Treatment of travelers going abroad + The ability to use computers in evaluating personal insurances + Ability to implement regulations and occupational regulations + Ability to communicate with relevant systems + The ability to recognize the effective factors of the work environment + Familiarity with the physical factors of the work environment + Familiarity with the factors Physiological effects of the work environment + Familiarity with the chemical effects of the work environment + Familiarity with the biological factors of the environment Work

List of course headings E-Learning & Certification Expert in personal insurance evaluation:

+ Engineering Insurance Guide + Personal Insurance + Property insurance + Principles and rules of insurance + General insurance + Afarin Insurance + Insurance and Business + Introduction Retirement plans + Issuance of life and accident insurances + General insurance activities + life insurance and savings + occupational health and safety + Health insurance market

Prerequisites of the training course for expert in personal insurance assessment:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]


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