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Training & Certificate Of accident rescuers


E-Learning & Certification of accident rescuer: Accident rescuer is an occupational accident rescuer from the field of health and safety in which a person is able to perform skills such as applying the requirements and regulations of occupational health and safety, managing and investigating the accident scene, emergency evacuation in Accidents, psychological support of the injured, doing first aid in the event of an accident and extinguishing and fire safety and with jobs such as non-operating defense in industries, health and safety manager, fire behavior Preparedness in dealing with natural and man-made disasters and first aid is related.

Characteristics of an accident rescuer:

1) Having enough information and skills to perform first aid. 2) Keeping calm when facing the scene of the accident and the injured. 3) Speed of action at work. This is very important to deal with life threatening factors. 4) Having initiative and making maximum use of the minimum available equipment and facilities. 5) Consoling the injured and providing psychological support to them. 6) Observance of the dominant culture of the affected area and adherence to religious teachings and values. 7) Knowing the scope of one’s activity and not interfering in medical affairs. 8) High decision-making power in an accident. 9) Prioritizing service delivery. 10) Having high self-confidence. 11) patience

list of headings E-Learning & Certification accident rescuer :

+ Occupational safety and health + Crisis management + Managing the process of accidents + Managing chemical accidents in the workplace + Emergency evacuation In accidents + Health in accidents + Triage in disasters and unexpected events + Psychosocial support in disasters + Basics of first aid + Firefighting with fire extinguishers

Prerequisites for the emergency rescuer course:

[list_negative] This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the basics. [/list_negative]
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In this helpline program, RCO Academy helps you to receive a degree equivalent to your skill level by participating in the virtual course or by evaluating your supporting documents.

In this program, you can be evaluated by sending your educational records, skill training courses, a C.V of valid work experience, or participating in RCO online exam.

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